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Small distance between the raised kerb and bus/train

A low-floor system is a series of passenger-oriented elements both in the low-floor vehicle and in the matching topography of the stop.

The term has become a synonym for innovation and for improvements in the public transport service, in particular for mobility-impaired passengers. The system was initially developed for tram systems but was quickly adapted for buses, with the aim of creating the same conditions for them.

Ground indicators as a tactile boundary with the carriageway
Visually impaired passengers appreciate the tactile surface as it forms the boundary to the track.

The raised kerb for rail and/or bus stops
The horizontal and vertical distance is of great importance for comfortable boarding. The Profilbeton profiled kerbstone achieves the optimal distances between the vehicle and the stop and can be used for both combined bus and tram stops and for dedicated bus or tram stops.
“The striking simplicity results from the ability of the stone to more or less stabilize itself- […] The stone guides the bus such that the gap stays small and manageable for wheelchair users,” says Prof. Dr. Hartmut Topp, director of the Transportation Department at the University of Kaiserslautern.

The Profilbeton profiled kerb is the ideal approach aid for all low-floor vehicles.

easy boarding

easy bording for mobility-impaired
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