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Formation and Development of Profilbeton GmbH

Profilbeton was started up on 01.08.1998 by Mr Wolfgang Hasch and August Oppermann Kiesgewinnungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH. The business activity essentially consisted of the production and sale of a patented special kerb for bus stops and tram stops. The managing partner, Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Hasch, was co-inventor of the kerbstone in 1991 together with employees of the Kasseler-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft, the KVG. Since then the product pallet has been augmented by ground indicating systems (Guiding Plate for the Blind) and elements for barrier-free crossings, all of which have also been patented.

Booming business meant that after only three years the space that had been rented for manufacturing and storage became too small. To keep up with rising demand at home and, increasingly, abroad (shipments had already been sent to The Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria and the Czech Republic), a disused concrete roofing tile factory was bought from the Braas company in Borken, Hesse, in 2001. Once the factory had been comprehensively rebuilt and new installations fitted, production was moved to Borken in March 2002.

This location offers sufficient opportunity for further development over the long term, both in terms of expanding the current product line and for introducing new products.

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